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Dead Zed 2

dedDead Zed 2 is a survival adventure that is an exciting and entertaining scenario. It requires real shooting skills and attention for you to achieve any success. This game tells a story about a zombie apocalypse. It happens that you are the last man standing on the defensive line between people and the undead army. Your main mission is to kill every walking stranger and zombie that is trying to cross over into your side. There are various tasks that one is required to perform throughout the whole mission. These tasks are very challenging and will require a lot of skills to succeed in them. One of the main tasks is to form teams that would go out and rescue survivors who are hiding in their houses. This particular mission requires you to choose the best team that would bring them back to your camp safely. The controls of the game are as follows: the mouse is used for shooting, the “Q” key is for swapping weapons, “R” key is for reloading, “F” key is for controlling the firing mode, the space key is used to activate a rage mode and keys “1”,”2″ and “3” are used to detonate remote bombs and other planted explosives. There are different levels of this game are very intense and they require a lot of skill and mobility to survive. There is a raging meter that is filled up when you kill the zombies with head shots. When the raging meter is filled up it can kill any type of zombie in one single shot. Dead Zed 2 allows you time to learn the game and afterwards gives you the hard missions to tackle. There is a wide choice of ammunition to choose from but you have to fight to get them. There are people who you can specially assign to do this. The choice of weapons is meant to fight the many types of zombies.

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